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I work for an international bank, so the knowledge of English is very important in my everyday life. Thanks to Lily’s lessons I successfully improve my English. Based on my needs, we focused on the listening and conversation part. The lessons are well structured and she’s a humorous girl which helps to be motivated for the lesson. In my opinion, it is a good way to learn and practice English comfortably from your home or wherever you are. Great job!

Elisa, Italy Market Risk Manager

“I have been studying with Lily for 2+ years and I really enjoy the lessons. My vocabulary has improved so much. Thanks to Lily’s clear explanations, I finally understand parts of English grammar I thought were impossible. The lessons are very focused on my goals as we study the English I really need and can use for work. I have tried other teachers in the past and this is my best experience. I really recommend trying these English lessons!”

Rajeev, India HR Manager

“I have really improved my English since I started my English Conversation Course. My problem was speaking English, when I started I was very nervous and worried about making mistakes but Lily has made me feel confident about communicating in English. I am more fluent now and also my listening skills have got better and better. In the past I tried to avoid speaking English at work but now I look forward to every opportunity to speak!”

Oskar, Poland Payroll Assistant

“I decided to study English because I love traveling and meeting new people and I am also planning to study in the UK for a year. I studied English at school and I never learned much, so I decided to have a private teacher. I feel very happy with Lily, she is so helpful and supportive. She also speaks Italian very well and if I am in doubt I can use Italian to explain what I want to say. Thanks to Lily English is becoming very natural to me.”

Martina, Italy Student

“Lily is a great teacher. She is dynamic, professional and precise. She is always smiling and knows how to make you feel comfortable and make the conversation flow. I’ve studied with her for long and my English has really improved. The lessons are very interesting, flexible and organized according to your real needs. Lily is also extremely helpful and friendly out of the lesson hours, she always gives you a prompt answer to all your questions. I highly recommend Lily.”

Michela, Italy Tour Guide

“I need to know English because of my job, as I work in IT. I was getting very frustrated because I knew my English was really bad when I was expected to be fluent somehow. I wanted to do something about the situation and I was thinking of studying on my own, when one of my friends showed me Lily’s website. I am so pleased I decided to contact Lily, she has helped me so much, I only wish I had stated before! Don’t wait!”

Natalia, Russia Web Developer

“I started a few years ago as a beginner and I’ve learned so much thanks to Lily. I wanted to learn English because of my job but I didn’t have much time. I thought it would be impossible for me to achieve any results. I took a long time to believe that I could actually speak English and Lily helped me to build up my confidence. I passed my First Certificate exam and recently I’ve been getting ready for job interviews. I couldn’t have invested my time better. Thank you Lily!”

Alejandra, Spain Account manager

“I have very little time to study English and yet I need and want to learn it. I do my best to find the time to study English but I have to say that I receive a fantastic support from Lily in terms of flexibility. I have a busy schedule at work and it is not easy for me to plan my days ahead in the future, with Lily I have always booked and cancelled my lessons with very short notice and also received a lot of help outside the lessons. Don’t miss the opportunity to study with Lily!”

Riccardo, Italy Entrepreneur

“Finally I found a very good teacher with a solid method who made me make significant progress with my English. English is difficult for me because it is completely different from my language. I thought online lessons were not so good but I had to change my mind, they are great! I bought a six lesson package when I started and since then I’ve never stopped studying English online. Lily is a very good teacher, I recommended her to everyone.”

Huan, China Teacher