The following rules have been created with the purpose of developing the best possible professional relationship between student and teacher. They have to be fully understood and accepted by all of my students.


1) ALL STUDENTS ARE EQUAL - All students are considered equal, all of them are offered the same opportunities and the same teaching quality and all of them are required to comply with the same rules.


2) 6 HOURS NOTICE IS REQUIRED TO CANCEL YOUR LESSON - In order to cancel or reschedule your lesson, you must give me 6 hours notice. A clear cancellation request must be sent via e-mail and the notice period is calculated from the moment the e-mail is stored in my mailbox. If you are not able attend a lesson that you haven't cancelled in time, you will lose that lesson from your package, regardless of the reason that kept you away from the lesson.


3) YOU CAN'T BE LATE FOR YOUR LESSON - If you are late for your lesson, I will only wait 10 minutes for you to arrive. After 10 minutes have passed, your lesson is cancelled and you will lose it from your package.


4) 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED REFUND POLICY - If after completing your first lesson you are not 100% satisfied with the service a full refund for the cost of your package will be issued.


5) YOUR LESSON PACKAGE WILL NEVER EXPIRE. Buy with confidence the bigger lesson packages at a discount price because they do not expire. This means that if you need to take a break from your lessons (vacation, maternity, too busy with work, etc) when you come back you will be entitled to complete the lessons in your package with no penalty.


6) ADVANCED PAYMENTS ARE REQUIRED - All payments must be made in advance before you book your first lesson.


7) LESSON PACKAGES CANNOT BE SHARED - When you buy a package of lessons, they are for yourself. This means it is not possible to share with other people the lessons you have purchased.


8) INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR - As a result of any inappropriate behaviour the Course will be terminated immediately and no refund will be issued.